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New Coin/Token Listing

If you are a developer or official representative of cryptocurrency asset, you can add this few options to list a new asset, please contact us via email admin@bitafex.com 

Do not forget to provide the following when you request listing:
  • link to an official git of your node
  • link to an official website
  • link to block chain which must work properly
  • name of asset and trading symbol

By applying a request to add an asset to BITAFEX, you as developer agree to report of technical issues with your cryptocurrency, node, block explorer etc. You also agree to notify us of all kind of forks. In case of losing clients' funds due to forks or technical / security issues with block chain or node, you as developer will bear financial responsibility.

Timeline for listing of new asset depends on agreement reached. 

  •     EXCLUSIVE Term is 1 days, Fees: 1 BTC or 16 ETH or 40 LTC
        PREMIUM Term within 2-5 Days, Fees: 0.5 BTC or 8 ETH or 20 LTC
        BASIC Term within 5-7 Days, Fees: 0.20 BTC or 4 ETH or 10 LTC
        STARTER Term within 7-12 Days, Fees: 0.10 BTC or 2 ETH or 5 LTC 
    Payment Options:
    BTC: 1JTB4Cukdcx7qaQVcg1Bv2qgAKY45tTnxW
    LTC: LhWCJhkknhTqadLap2Ab2CEdejkp4pvQNt
    ETH: 0x6a2d2d40c21a06e2442332f43ef60111253c0736

    Special 50% discount for coin listed in Novaexchange. Choose package and make payment.  After payment write to admin@bitafex.com