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Privacy Policy



Bitafex Pty Ltd and its affiliates(hereinafter, "the Company","we", "us" or"our") are committed to protectingand respecting your privacy. Inaddition, we are subject to the Privacy Act 1988and the National Privacy Principleswhich form part of that Act.


This Privacy Policy (together with ourTerms and Services) governs ourcollection, processing and use of your PersonalInformation.


"Personal Information" isinformation which identifies youpersonally or by which your identity canreasonably be ascertained. This mayinclude your name, address, e-mail address,and other contact details.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is toinform you of:


1.     thekinds of Personal Information which we maycollect about you and how it may beused;


2.     ouruse of information regarding IP Addresses andour use of cookies;


3.     howyour Personal Information may be disclosed tothird parties;


4.     yourability to access, correct, update and deleteyour Personal Information; and


5.     thesecurity measures we have in place to preventthe loss, misuse, or alterationof Personal Information under our control.


Gathering and Use of Personal Information


We may collect your Personal Information ifyou use the Site, open an Accountto use the Platform or perform anyTransactions on the Platform. We may alsocollect Personal Information aboutyou from recordings of telephoneconversations between us and you (or yourrepresentatives) and from publiclyavailable registers.


Some of the Personal Information we collectis required by us to meet ourlegal and regulatory obligations (eg, informationrequired to verify youridentity). Otherwise, the Personal Information wecollect is required in orderfor us to provide our services efficiently andeffectively.


The types of Personal Information which wecollect may include: your name;your photographic identification; your address;your phone number; your e-mailaddress; your banking details including accountnumbers; your date of birth; andinformation about your Transactions.


We may use your Personal Information forthe following purposes:


1.     toallow you to open and operate an Account;


2.     toenable you to complete Transactions on thePlatform;


3.     tocorrespond with you in relation to your Accountand your Transactions;


4.     toanalyze use of our Site and the services weprovide;


5.     asrequired for legal and regulatory purposes,including for dispute resolutionpurposes;


6.     toprovide you with information about products,services and promotions that maybe of interest to you, from ourselves and thirdparties;


7.     formarket research e.g. surveying our Users'needs and opinions on issues, such asour performance etc.


You should note that you are not obliged togive your Personal Information tothe Company, but if you choose not to do so,we may not be able to provide ourservices, or your access to our services maybe limited.


IP Addresses


We may collect information about yourcomputer, including where availableyour IP address, operating system andbrowser type, for system administrationand to report aggregate information toour advertisers. This is statistical dataabout our users' browsing actions andpatterns and does not identify anyindividual.




We may use a browser feature known as a"cookie", which assigns aunique identification to your computer.Cookies are typically stored on yourcomputer's hard drive. Informationcollected from cookies is used by us toevaluate the effectiveness of our Site,analyse trends, and administer thePlatform. The information collected fromcookies allows us to determine suchthings as which parts of our Site are mostvisited and difficulties our visitorsmay experience in accessing our Site.With this knowledge, we can improve thequality of your experience on thePlatform by recognising and delivering more ofthe most desired features andinformation, as well as by resolving accessdifficulties. We also use cookiesand/or a technology known as web bugs or cleargifs, which are typically storedin emails to help us confirm your receipt of,and response to, our emails andto provide you with a more personalisedexperience when using our Site. We mayuse third party service provider(s), toassist us in better understanding theuse of our Site. Our service provider(s)may place cookies on the hard drive ofyour computer and may receive informationthat we select that will educate uson such things as how visitors navigatearound our site, what products arebrowsed, and general Transaction information.Our service provider(s) analysesthis information and provides us with aggregatereports. The information andanalysis provided by our service provider(s) willbe used to assist us inbetter understanding our visitors' interests in our Siteand how to betterserve those interests. The information collected by ourservice provider(s) maybe linked to and combined with information that wecollect about you while youare using the Site. Our service providers arecontractually restricted fromusing information they receive from our Site otherthan to assist us. By usingour Site you are agreeing that we may use cookiesfor the purposes set outabove.


Disclosure of Personal Information


We use the Personal Information for thepurposes indicated at the time youprovide us with such information, and/orotherwise for the purposes set out inthis Privacy Policy and/or as otherwisepermitted by law. We may make availablethe Personal Information that youprovide to us to our affiliates, agents,representatives, service providers andcontractors for these purposes. We mayshare Users' Personal Information withfinancial institutions or insurancecompanies as required for the purposes ofthe Company's dealings with thoseinstitutions, and with other companies in thecase of a merger, divestiture, orother corporate re-organization. We may shareUsers' Personal Information withthe Australian Securities & InvestmentsCommission, AUSTRAC, any financialdispute resolution scheme to which theCompany subscribes, and other lawenforcement bodies, regulatory agencies,courts, arbitration bodies and disputeresolution schemes, both in Australiaand internationally, as may be required bylaw. If you request it in writing,we may share your Personal Information withyour nominated advisers. Exceptwhere disclosure of your Personal Information isrequired by law or requestedby you, we will generally require any third partywhich receives or has accessto Personal Information to protect such PersonalInformation and to use it onlyto carry out the services they are performing foryou or for us, unlessotherwise required or permitted by law. We will ensure thatany such thirdparty is aware of our obligations under this Privacy Policy andwe will takereasonable steps to ensure that contracts we enter with such thirdpartiesbinds them to terms no less protective of any Personal Informationdisclosed tothem than the obligations we undertake to you under this PrivacyPolicy orwhich are imposed on us under applicable data protection laws.


Access and Changing of Personal Information


You have the right to access the PersonalInformation we hold about you, andto require the correction, updating andblocking of inaccurate and/or incorrectdata by sending an email to us. We willusually respond to your request within14 days. You may also request thedeletion or destruction of your PersonalInformation, your Account details oryour Transaction details by sending anemail to us. The Company will act onyour request only when it is notinconsistent with its legal and regulatoryobligations and complianceprocedures. Upon your written request, we willinform you of the use and generaldisclosure of your Personal Information.Depending on the nature of yourrequest, there may be a minimal charge foraccessing your Personal Information.




We take reasonable steps to protect yourPersonal Information from misuse,loss, unauthorised access, modification ordisclosure, including implementingappropriate security measures. The securitymeasures in place will, from time totime, be reviewed in line with legal andtechnical developments. However, wegive no guarantee that such misuse, loss,unauthorised access, modification ordisclosure will not occur


Retention of Personal Information


We will hold your Personal Information onlyfor as long as it is necessaryfor us to do so, having regard to the purposesdescribed in this Privacy Policyand our own legal and regulatory requirements.In general, Personal Informationrelating to your Account for at least a periodof five years after your Accountis closed. Similarly, we usually retaininformation about Transactions on yourAccount for a period of five years fromthe date of the Transaction. PersonalInformation which is collected for otherpurposes will be discarded innaccordance with our policies in place from timeto time.




There may be links from our Site to othersites and resources provided bythird parties. This Privacy Policy applies onlyto our Site. Accessing thosethird party sites or sources requires you to leaveour Site. We do not controlthose third party sites or any of the contentcontained therein and you agreethat we are in no way responsible or liable forany of those third party sites,including, without limitation, their content,policies, failures, promotions,products, services or actions and/or anydamages, losses, failures or problemscaused by, related to or arising fromthose sites. We encourage you to reviewall policies, rules, terms andregulations, including the privacy policies, ofeach site that you visit.




Our policies, content, information,promotions, disclosures, disclaimers andfeatures may be revised, modified,updated, and/or supplemented at any time andwithout prior notice at the soleand absolute discretion of the Company. If wechange this Privacy Policy, wewill take steps to notify all Users by a noticeon our website and will postthe amended Privacy Policy on the website.


Contact Us


If you have any questions, comments, orconcerns regarding our Privacy Policyand/or practices as it or they relate tothe Platform, please contact us. If youhave a complaint about how yourPersonal Information has been used, pleasecontact us in the first instance. Ifwe cannot resolve your complaint to yoursatisfaction, you may complain to thePrivacy Commissioner who may investigateyour complaint further.